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Artemis Anticheat will revolutionize the market once and for all.

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About Us

Ghast CC is a team of individuals craving to learn. Learning is everything for us. We wish to provide the upmost quality of products. Artemis is our longest growing project. Starting in August 2019, we have become one of the best anticheats to be publicly sold on the market. Artemis, for us, is a revolution.

Thibaut Gautier

Company CEO


Interactive Panel

Artemis will be associated directly with the web! Crazy!

Fantastic Detections

Detect everything from 0-100. Never will anyone cheat again.

Cloud based

Never encounter any lack of tracking. Artemis tracks everything.

Our Mission

We want, we are, and we will protect the industry for hackers.

  • Learning Algorithms
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Big-Data Research


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